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Should You Try Medical Excision Treatment to Erase Your Tattoo?

Medical Excision

Medical excision tattoo removal treatment is considered quite invasive, yet delivers improved precision. Because it allows the surgeon to erase unwanted ink with great accuracy, surgical excision has proven highly effective.

Basically, the dermatologic medical practitioner uses a scalpel to eliminate the tattoo design and then closes the wound by simply stitching the skin back together. This technique is usually a better option for people with small tats because it is an intense medical procedure.

There are pre-operative instructions that you must adhere to and there are some minor side effects that you should take into consideration. Surgical excision is identified as cosmetic or anaesthetic in nature which means that the cost of surgically removing your tattoo will depend on several relating factors.

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Preparing For Surgical Excision

Prior to surgery, the doctor will likely assess your medical history as well as conduct a comprehensive Medical Excisionphysical exam. During the initial consultation, you and your practitioner discuss potential risks, personal expectations, and probably procedure results.

Patients are given pre-operative instructions such as avoiding sun exposure and to abstain from ingesting blood-thinning regimens that contain aspirin or ibuprofen. At the time of surgery, the dermatologic surgeon will inject a local anesthetic to numb the area before proceeding with the operation.

Generally, medical excision is not covered by any type of medical insurance. The surgical tattoo removing treatment in Singapore can cost patients anywhere from $150 per session depending on the size of the tattoo and the type of anaesthesia applied by the doctor.

For larger inked designs, the surgeon may have to take a piece of skin from another area of the body. When skin grafting is performed, the embedded skin is sewn onto the location where the tattoo was removed. In some instances, the medical practitioner has to insert a balloon under the skin alongside the tattoo. It remains inflated for several weeks in order to stretch the skin.


Medical Excision Tattoo Treatment

Medical Excision Scars

With this type of invasive medical technology, the patch of skin that contains the inked art is literally cut away with a scalpel. It is as drastic as it sounds and it can result in permanent scarring.

This can become a significant challenge for the larger tattoo or a badly, unprofessionally done tattoo. If your goal is to get rid of a small body design, the surgeon will precisely cut it out, connect the edges of the skin and stitch them together.

There will be minor bleeding which is cauterized to cap off the wound. On the other hand, because of the size of your tattoo, it will take several treatment sessions to cut and graft skin from the thigh or underarm onto the treated area to ensure efficiency.

Your dermatologic surgeon will have advised you on postoperative care and so you are aware that whatever size tattoo you want to remove, there will be discomfort and soreness after the operation.

Your skin might even feel tight and sunburned. Most practitioners prescribe a moisturizing lotion or cream while also directing patients to avoid the sun. Applying cold packs and ingesting prescribed pain medications or antibiotics will contribute to sustained recovery.

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