Laser Tattoo Removal Singapore

What is Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment?



 Although getting a tattoo was extremely controversial in the past, it is currently more acceptable and quite trendy. In most cases, a tattoo is a means of capturing a certain aspect of life- an expression of distinct identity or uniqueness.

Generally, to the tattoo enthusiasts, a symbolic- detailed piece of body art had significant meaning for them and the customized skill was personally inspiring. Whatever the reason, individuals were fortified to engage in the exclusive approach to self-expression.

But at this day and age, they are recognizing that it’s time to detach themselves from the past. To date, more and more people are motivated to get their tattoos removed. Because of constant social stigma or more suggestively, a shift in identity, the tattooed are wondering how they can permanently remove their tattoos.

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Understanding the Laser Tattoo Removal Process


When needing a tattoo removed, specialists recommend an advanced, non-invasive laser Professional 1technology treatment. Although traditional methods are still being used, it is the modern laser technology that produces better results and it is cost-effective.

Tattoo removing professionals are armed with the latest laser equipment to ensure safety first and then treatment effectiveness. More so, specialists are able to remove a variety of tattoos or inked skin images from different parts of the body to include eye brows.

A state-of-art laser treatment is designed to completely eliminate any tattoo, without the hassle of skin pigmentation issues or unpleasant scarring. During the session, the patient may feel some pain which is eliminated with a local anaesthetic.

A laser tattoo removal treatment may cause patients to experience minor side effects such as red, tender skin. This slight discomfort usually diminishes within to 7 days.

Because every tattoo has unique characteristics, a number of removal sessions may be necessary. Distinctive factors that must be considered include the tattoo colour and the number of colours that were used, its size, the type of ink applied and the age of the art. Ultimately, the number of sessions is determined by the actual colour of the tattoo.

Tattoos are generally comprised of unique colour families and a different laser is required for each. The laser delivers a high-intensity beam that breaks up the tattoo ink into tiny particles, which are absorbed by the skin. Turquoise and yellow are the most challenging in that there is no particular laser that effectively targets these colours.


Making the Right Decision


There is usually a purpose and history behind a person’s decision to get a tattoo. However, for many, the self-expressed piece of body art no longer represents who they are. Making the decision to get rid of a tattoo is simpler with sophisticated tattoo removal technology.

It is obvious that there are several methods to get rid of a tattoo. The most common and the best option for the money is laser tattoo removal therapy. In most cases, laser tattoo removal can take between 4-10 sessions to fully eliminate the unwanted body art.

Be sure to locate a dermatologic surgeon in Singapore who is experienced in tattoo removal and has been certified by the American Board of Dermatology.


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