Intense Pulsed Light Therapy Singapore

Can Intense Pulsed Insight Treatment Work to Remove Tattoos?


Intense pulsed light or IPL technology is a recent development in the tattoo removal era. It is similar to laser tattoo removal in that a beam of light is directed onto the inked area to remove the epidermis (top layer of skin).



Primarily, it is applied to burn away and erase the art from the dermis (lower level of skin). The intense pulses of light are used in place of a laser to break up the ink particles and turn them into tiny components.

Then, the particles are naturally absorbed into the body. Ultimately, the tattooed area heals itself by generating new skin growth. Following several treatments, the tattoo design will fade away and become less noticeable.


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Facts You Should Know About Intense Pulsed Light


IPLThe intense pulsed insight therapy is less damaging to the skin and far less painful than the more popular laser tattoo removal. It can become more expensive, however because most treatment centres charge you per pulse of light.

Meaning, if you are trying to get rid of a large sized tattoo, it is going to require more pulses of light and the cost will also mature.  More so, you will need several treatments, depending on size and colour, of course. Large, brightly dyed tats will obviously require more sessions, at least five to ten.

It is recommended that the patient expect time for recovery following each therapy session to ensure that the skin has healed. That said large, flamboyant tattoos can take up to a year to remove.

This tattoo design elimination treatment option does involve some discomfort. Your professional tattoo removal specialist should use a local anaesthetic and cooling cream to help make the procedure more tolerable. Like with any other tattoo removing techniques, you should expect some potential side effects.

In many cases, you may notice that the treated area is little red, blistered and sore. Although rare, you may even experience minor scarring, blotches, and hair loss in the treated area.


Choosing the Best Tattoo Removal Option



It appears that IPL is better for treating larger tattoos especially those that cover a large portion of the body such as the back. Unlike the laser tattoo removal, this technique may not be suitable for removing small tattoo designs.

It uses a broad spectrum light that concentrates on the actual ink design thereby reducing the risk of burning the surrounding area of skin. This is possible because the intense pulses of light produce a wide range of wavelengths which enhances penetration.

Professional tattoos are more challenging in that they are hard to eliminate. These tattoos have been inked into the deeper inner layers of the skin. The cheaper, non-professional tattoo art is normally applied to the outer layer of skin therefore easier to erase.

Lastly, single colour black tattoos are cheaper to remove than the multicoloured tattoos. They require fewer treatments to achieve the results you are looking for. Just keep in mind, some clinics will charge more to perform Intense Pulsed Light if they have a good reputation.

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