Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Singapore

Is Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Treatment Right For You?


eyebrow1In most cases, eyebrow tattoos are meant to be permanent in that they can offer an array of benefits to the tattoo enthusiasts. The facial ink highlights colour, shape and size while also defining or contributing to the uniqueness of the face. In fact, eyebrow tattoos are often applied as the perfect and immediate cosmetic solution.

Although a tattoo was the perfect resolution for enhancing facial features or to perhaps showcase natural beauty, many ink indulgers are having second thoughts and preoccupied with the notion that they should consider laser eyebrow tattoo removal treatment.

If you are not pleased with the results of an eyebrow tattoo or simply want to return to your natural look, consulting an eyebrow tattoo removal specialist in Singapore is recommended. With the help of a Singaporean tattoo removal professional, you can safely and inexpensively remove unwanted facial tattoos.

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Making the Decision



Whatever reason one has for opting to remove a tattooed brow, there is an affordable, efficient way to recapture your natural look. Whether your eyebrows’ style, shape, or colour is wrong, laser brow art elimination is the probable solution.

There are a number of factors to consider before the specialists can correct the situation. At the initial consultation, however, the professionals will have to run tests which determine the kind of ink (pigment) was used in order to even begin any type of laser therapy.

Furthermore, the testing is also implemented to make sure that you are even a candidate for such procedure.

Before performing laser eyebrow tattoo removal treatment, the specialist has to consider various features such as your health history, in addition to evaluating the tattoo itself. Keep in mind, your health history will take into account your age at the time of tattoo removal.

The law requires that you are at least 18 years old. The brow tattoo has to be assessed on site to determine whether it is actually removable.

This is not a free service in that the treatment centres will charge an initial consultation fee. The procedure requires that the ink is evaluated by a specialist. Although the price may vary, it will be calculated in the overall cost of the removal treatment should you decide to proceed.

Should you decide not to proceed with the laser tattoo removal surgery, the clinic may not refund the consultation fee. Eyebrow tattoo removal therapy prices may vary, depending on the clinic. The range is generally anywhere from $200 to $600 per laser treatment.  The process may require 5 to 20 therapy sessions to successfully remove your brow tattoo.



The Benefits of Laser Eyebrows Tattoo Removal

Many patients who have had the laser eyebrow tattoo removal treatment report that all the ink was removed. Other patients have reported that the surgery took only about 80% of the pigment away. The remainder of the tat faded a lot quicker than normal over a period of time.

Some tattoo removal treatment centers in Singapore offer alternative methods to permanently remove your tats such as Intensive Pulse Light or IPL or creams and lotions that are made to fade the eyebrow tattoo right from your home. Despite the fact that the laser treatment is highly painful, it is the most preferred option for tattoo removal since it is safe and there are no worries of residual scarring.


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