Tattoo Removal Cost Singapore


How Much Does Tattoo Removal in Singapore Cost?

Tattoos continue to grow in popularity despite the ongoing fear of being marked for life. Those individuals who have already decided to get artistic skin markings obviously appreciated the artistry of tattoos while they also embraced individuality and self-expression.

Tattoo enthusiasts often want tattoos to promote artistic freedom or they are simply caught up in a drunken impulsive moment. Whatever the reason, these former risk takers ultimately become more cognizant of social pressures or their own personal style changes.

More so, they have matured alongside their life experiences and are now curious to find out how much it is to have a tattoo removed in Singapore.

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Getting Rid of a Tattoo

Unfortunately, many tattoo wearers allowed the ink to “mark” them for life. They failed to think carefully about possible long-term health, spiritual and/or social consequences. More sufferers are visiting plastic surgeons and dermatologists to get their tattoos removed.

As a matter-of-fact, tatted people of all age groups are seeking removal options in record numbers. Tattoo-removal providers offer dissatisfied tattoo wearers several options to help get rid of the unwanted tattoos. There are a variety of factors to consider when removing body art in relation to safety and commitment in addition to the pros and cons of the practice.

cost2That said tattoo regret has really become an all too common problem. More and more people are unhappy with their tattoos and for one reason or the other, they are seeking ways to get them removed. Today, it is confirmed that tattoo removal is no longer an expensive process; it is actually affordable for everyone.





Costs of Tattoo Removal in Singapore

To become a permanent tattoo, the ink of the tattoo has to penetrate the second layer of skin. In order to completely and effectively remove the tattoo, the same area needs to be penetrated without significantly damaging the top skin layer.

In addition to the type of procedure you choose, the costs and success of tattoo removal can depend on where the art is located on the body.

Because the head and neck have a large vascular supply along with the largest amount of blood, there is a greater opportunity for success.

There is also a significant amount of blood vessels in the upper and lower back, which increases the chances for a successful removal. A tattoo that is located on the upper body generally requires less tat removal sessions.

Plastic surgeons and dermatologists can remove a tattoo using several different methods. They use methods such as laser removal and excision or dermabrasion and the cost fluctuates, depending on certain variables.

The most common and generally the most effective way to remove a tattoo is the laser tattoo removal technique. Most tattoos require at least three to four treatments and up to twenty sessions to remove a tattoo.

The sessions are spaced eight weeks apart and can costs anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the size and location of the tattoo. When considering permanent ink, take the necessary steps to reduce the risk of tattoo regret.

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